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What is it?!

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Summoner Wars meets Magic: the Gathering in this quick fighting card game! Pub Brawl incorporates the Dungeons & Dragons lore and offers 15-minute matchups that need very little setup and rules explanation. All 12 warriors have completely unique abilities, feel and tactics, providing true variability and replayability. Each warrior’s set comes with only 15 cards and some basic tokens, so the game is extremely portable and easy to produce, whereas the plethora of warriors offers great opportunities for marketing, stretch goals and expansions. Pub Brawl includes these play modes: 2 player duel, 3 - 6 player free-for-all, 2vs2/3vs3 team-against-team play, 2vs1 epic fights and more! Choose a Warrior, damage your opponent, survive their attacks, combo your actions and win!

Pitch Video:

Meet the Warriors!

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Learn the rules!

Pub Brawl

Pub Brawl

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